Top Concerns for Not-For-Profits in 2017


For not-for-profits, June 30th marks the time for year-end audits. As with most years, 2017 brings several changes to the not-for-profits tax code and many other issues. During this time, management can find themselves in a very stressful situation, or even at risk of losing their tax exempt status.

A few of the changes this year involve a new FASB not-for-profit presentation standard, which has made some of the most significant changes to the not-for-profit statement since the 1990’s. The new standard has completely changed the way in which not-for-profits report their net assets, liquidity, and cash flows. Also, the IRS has recently changed the way they review their Form 990-series returns,

“Data-driven decision-making for the Internal Revenue Service Exempt Organizations (EO) division involves running over 200 data queries on Form 990-series returns to ascertain whether a return might warrant examination.”

This increases the chance that if you make a slight error on your Form 990-series return, that it will warrant further investigation from the IRS.

These issues give not-for-profits even more of a reason to partner with an accounting professional to help them prepare for their year-end audits. Integrity Accounting has been assisting not-for-profit organizations for over a decade and has the experience needed to navigate these audits problem-free. For more information, visit the contact section of our site and fill out the form. We will contact you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have.

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