Why BPO is the Logical Choice for Your Business


An article in the March 2014 issue of Forbes magazine reported on an ongoing series of C-suite studies conducted by IBM about the top concerns of CFOs. The study noted that CFOs are dubious about how well their own finance teams fulfill their duties. Young professionals educated in audit, tax and compliance often have little or no experience with business strategy and other technical and professional skills. This gap between the skills learned in school and the skills needed to perform in management accounting roles hurts companies through lowered performance, poor decisions and higher personnel costs.


Add the pressure CFOs feel to slash costs any way they can in a still-fragile economy, while continuing to meet the demands of their companies and clients, it becomes clear why Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) makes good sense for your company or non-profit.


What Can BPO Do for You?


  • Integrity Accounting’s bookkeeping expertise can help free up precious human and financial resources so you can achieve shorter project turnaround times.
  • Bookkeeping and account outsourcing can help you achieve lower staffing levels.
  • Outsourcing releases time from accounts payable and receivable so you can focus on more critical accounting activities.
  • Outsourcing bookkeeping gives you access to the latest technology, skills, and accounting/tax software.
  • BPO allows you the flexibility to grow your company without having to expand human resources and infrastructure.


This is just a short list of the many advantages of employing BPO in your business or non-profit organization. Whether you need audit and tax preparation, financial internal controls or virtual CFO services, Integrity Accounting stands ready to help you achieve your business goals through the responsible management of your bookkeeping and accounting processes.