5 Reasons to hire Integrity Accounting as your Virtual CFOs

  1. We’ll save you money– Hiring a virtual CPA will save you money as you only use us when you need us– as little or as often as you need — rather than having a full time CFO in the office all of the time, demanding a high salary. You get the freedom and flexibility to choose when you need your virtual CFO’s help and pay accordingly!
  2. We provide tailor made financial strategies- as an independent firm, we have all of the skills that typical CFOs do, and more. We can apply these skills to multiple industries and situations making us a great asset to your specific business and giving you the best chance at success.
  3. We have an independent perspective- sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to see a situation clearly. Integrity accounting provides that – an objective look at your financial situation to help you resolve any issues efficiently and resolve them in a timely and cost efficient manner.
  4. We’re professionals in our field- we have high level training for this type of position, and have experience in managing finances for multiple companies. We’re confident that we can find and provide the right financial solution for your company – while saving the expense you would have providing a salary for a full time in house CFO.
  5. The bottom line, cost savings – you can hire an Integrity accountant as your virtual CFO costs a fraction of the amount it would be to hire an in-house employee. It ends up saving you from paying for extra office space, computer equipment, a full salary, employment taxes and health coverage.

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